My boyfriend sometimes gets really low after I spend the night at his house (I've left)?

Last night I spent the night at his house and left in the morning. Later this afternoon he felt really low and just didn't want to be around people. Am I doing something wrong or maybe was it just a chance?



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  • Later after you left? Then it's not you. Maybe he's low because you're not there.

    • Okay. Thanks.

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    • Did you talk to him about it, or did you just assume this was why, so you gave him best answer, from assumption

    • Dude, you have a question for OP make a comment. Don't do it on my comment, I don't need the notice lol.

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  • What makes you think he's low? How does his behavior change?

    • He tells me.

    • Have you guys gotten into conversations about it? Does he tell you WHY he's feeling low?
      Does it have anything to do with you leaving and he's bummed, or?