Date? Or just dinner w/ a friend?

Please tell me if you think this was a date or just a friendly dinner. I went to dinner with my guy friend I've known a few years and here's what happened:

He insisted on picking me up
We had nonstop energetic conversation
He grinned and smiled a lot
He took me to another place to hangout some more.
He asked what I wanted to drink and had the same even though it was a girly drink.
He asked about my exes, what happened, etc.
He paid for everything.
He didn't make any moves/ try to touch me.

So I feel mixed about this, was it a date or just friendly dinner? Thanks all!!!


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  • Maybe he likes you. Sounds like it to me. Don't directly ask him about it, but if he's picking you up, paying, ordering the same drink even though he'd possibly prefer something else, and asking about your life, then he might like you.
    Or maybe he just wants to strengthen your friendship.
    If you think he likes you then look for these over the next few months (don't confront him about it, just go with it):
    -possibly touching (like elbow if he's leading you somewhere) but he might not
    -change of looks
    -doing different things (like hanging out in a group if you usually hang out one-on-one and vice versa)
    -mimicking you behavior (can include posture, interests, opinions)
    The purpose of all this (if he's doing what I think he is) is to get you to see him in a different light, and that's all well and good. It's also to slowly build a kind of romantic tension and draw out your true feelings for one another, whatever those may be. It's just a magnification of how you two already are so don't think of it as weird or misleading.

    • Very insightful, thank u :) he's done all of that u mentioned one point or another just not consistently. But when we are out together he's a gentleman and we always have fun and so much to talk about. This has been going on for years and recently I invited him for lunch sometime but he said that wouldn't work, dinner would be better... What are your thoughts? He always leans toward me perched on his chair and seems a bit anxious sometimes. He knows I like him, so what is he waiting for? Lol

    • I don't know what else, just reciprocate I guess, if you like him. If you want to escalate quickly or if nothing happens for a while then try and just let the conversation trail off, look into his eyes, and startto lean in. If that doesn't work immediately then it's alright because the ball is in his court and he'll most definitely know.

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  • No offense but just ask how he feels. No harm in asking, "So whats up between us?" Answer may vary...

  • to me, that sounds like a date. If he continues to ask you out and pays then definitely yes

    • I dunno, we don't see each other that often but when we do its like we're on a date... This little dance has been going on for awhile. Maybe he does like me but just doesn't want a relationship and that's why I'm getting mixed messages :/

    • that, or maybe you're not sending big enough signals to him- I've learned through the years that even though we women think we are very clear on sending strong signals unfortunately some men are still clueless. If you two go out again Id try and up the flirting, both verbally and physically, you know, subtle like.