How do you know if he's right for you?

Unfortunately, I'm stuck in a sticky situation. I had been dating a guy for a while now, we had moved in together and everything was perfect. He treated me like his Queen and I felt like I was on top of the world. Well my world started to crash down on me... he proceeded to tell me that he wanted time and space to figure things out. He wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing... Broke my heart into pieces... and I knew that in my heart that I loved him with every breath in my body and would do anything for him to be happy even if that meant me suffering. So I picked myself up, focused on other things for the time being. Well in the time I have met a new guy, who is that guy that would bend over backwards for you. Super sweet guy, real proper etc. Well, I kept putting off getting into a relationship with the new guy because I know that I'm not over my ex... I love him... and it wouldn't be fair to the new guy. Well I finally hit a spot where I was just set that there was no future with my ex... I just knew that he had moved on... well as soon as I started to start falling for the new guy... my ex called me back telling me he was sorry... and that he didn't want to lose me. He wants to be with me and wants to fix everything sour in our relationship. How do you decide between the man you love with all your heart who may be right and may not be? and the guy you just started falling for that you don't know is guaranteed to lead anywhere? =( my heart is torn... I wish I could look to ^HIM^ and just get a straight answer for my future but life's not that easy...


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  • One guy has already broken your heart...i think I would be looking to see where things with the new guy least give him a chance,because you never know.

    The guy who you were first with had a chance,and he wasn't sure enough about you to stick it out even though you were loving him with all your heart,and he hurt you-you could look at it as you best wasn't good enough or he was too daft to see what he had.

    This new guy might be smarter and you could love him with all your heart and he wouldn't be able to think of leaveing you hanging like that...

    Either way youve been down one road before and you know where it lead so I say be brave and take the new one ;o)


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  • You choose the guy you are in a relationship with.

    You said the guy you were with before is your "ex."

    So you should choose the guy you're with, since you're saying you are falling in love with him, and other than your ex calling you up there's no problems.

  • I can tell you would rather be with your ex. New guy is sweet and adorable but your ex is more exciting. Unfortunately your ex broke your heart for a reason and it wasn't because he needed "space". Go to your ex and demand the absolute truth. What was so important that he broke your heart over it. If he doesn't give you a good answer then going back to him will only get you in trouble again.


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  • This may sound lame but it might work for you. I think you need to make 2 lists for yourself. The first list is purely an ideal man list where you put down all of the things you desire and need in a relationship from a man. They should be attainable things like respect, love friendship etc. The second list is what your ex-boyfriend gives/gave to you. Then, compare the two and see how he meets your wants/desires/needs. This will give you a gauge on whether patching things up will be the right move or not. Sometimes, loving someone is not enough in a relationship. There are other vital components we need to create a nurturing relationship.

    If you see that there might be potential in reconciling with the ex then you know what to do. If there doesn't seem to be potential then perhaps the new prospect might bring you that.

    I wish you luck.