I have to think about it?

Okay so I called this girl to ask her out because she was showing all signs that she liked me through us texting. She never answered, but then she called back and she was drunk. She kinda just said some weird stuff and we talked for like 5 minutes. She eventually asked me why I had called her and I told her I would talk to her about it when she was sober, but she just kept asking and asking so I eventually said I was going to ask her out. Then she said yes and that she'd be alright with that. After that we talked for a bit and I overheard her saying she was talking to the hot guy on the phone to her friend. I told her i had to go a couple minutes later. She then texted me later and proceeded to call me bae and was flirting. The next day I asked how she was and asked if when she said yes she really meant it. She said I have to think about it. I DONT GET IT!!! I know she was drunk and all but drunk words are sober thoughts. Is she just playing hard to get now and wants me to call her or what. I honestly like this girl so much and would be devastated if she said no. Someone please help


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  • Just call. If she says no At least you know and begin to move on instead of stress over whether she likes you or not. Rejection sucks I know, but it's better than not knowing.


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