Guy doesn't mind if I talk to his friend?

We've been hanging out for 3 weeks. It's super casual, he's not my boyfriend and probably never will be.
However, we talk every day and when we talk on the phone it's like for half an hour. I feel like the casualness is getting blurred if you can do that with someone.
But he knows I'm on Tinder and I've matched with one of his friends. Even though I've made matches I haven't talked to anybody. But he won't tell me who it is? He doesn't want to 'get in the way'. But imagine if I actually decided to meet up with this guy and have sex with him? This won't happen but it irks me that he doesn't mind or something? Or maybe he told the dude he was hanging with me and so he won't ever talk to me? I don't know, if it was me I would be freaked out.


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  • You've been talking causally with the some guy's friend for 3 weeks and phoning him and this guy doesn't care?

    • no I've been talking to him for 3 weeks. neevr spoke to this friend

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