I asked him what he wanted and he said I don't know? I was way too high?

We were making out pretty heavily but I didn't want sex, when he backed away he said something like "because I like you" (I think i must have asked about why he wanted to have sex, I know I was being a tease, and I was also VERY high, like too high to remember a lot (off weed) and I asked him what he wanted and he said "I don't know" when I was leaving he said it was really nice to see me, but I guess I panicked (from the weed) because he didn't say anything about hanging out again (even though we've been on and off for a while, but just recently that day saw each other after I'd been gone for like 7 months) so I remember asking him about that and pushing him I guess, he said I'd hear from him within the week, I guess that irritated me too because then he said "maybe this is why it didn't work before" and said "I'll see you around." I felt bad on my drive home so I called him and said I was just too stoned to even figure out what either of us were even saying and he said it was all good he said he should have remembered not to give me weed (I always get too high, off practically nothing) and i said I wanted to see him but feel weird about it and he told me to call him when I didn't feel weird about it. Does this sound okay? I feel like I freaked him out, I do want to see him, but I'm worried about acting that way because I was insecure about our relationship before.

the rest of the day we spent together was really great, and he at no point tried or talked about anything sexual. the kissing started when he did that thing where he inhaled smoke and blew it into my mouth, I pulled back but then initiated making out
why do guys say I don't know when you ask them what they want? better than saying I don't want a relationship isn't it? because that was the issue before


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  • I'm possibly wrong but it seems to me that your insecurity of the relationship seems to make him uncertain of it.

    • yeah I think it is, I should have never smoked it was such a dumb idea

    • I think you just need self confidence. You like the guy, yes, he likes you, yes however I'm thinking the problem may be that he's both wanting sex and wanting you to want it but you don't want sex even though you are willing to get otherwise pretty hot and heavy with him kissing

    • I'm just worried about why he got all standoffish at the end, I'm hoping it wasn't personal and it was just because I was being weird because I was way too high and he was hopefully just not understanding me... because I don't even think I was understanding me...

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