How slow to go with my new boyfriend!!?

Hi!! I'm 15 and my boyfriend is16 and we're looking to have a long term relationship!! We've been together for about a month and a half. We've kissed but how long should I wait before we full blown make out and stuff? We're not planning on sleeping together and we want it to last for the rest of high school, or forever!! Help!!


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  • Take things each day. Make every day count. It may or may not last a lifetime but don't make plans so young. Just enjoy each other while you can.


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  • At think age you will have to take it really slow. Remember you are still growing and aren't yet mature, neither emotionally nor sexually. So i advise you to put sexual intimacy to later years, maybe adulthood. You are on hormonal rush during teenage and will have strong urges to do it and will see other teens do it. But imho, i advise to take it slow.

  • You shouldn't wait a certain amount of time to take it to the next level. When you're ready to do more with your boyfriend you'll know it and it will come more naturally.


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