He said he's interested but then just wants to be friends?

I have been seeing him for past 2 months and he said he likes me but confused so he said lets be friends and see how future looks. So we met 3 days ago and he said he wants to be more and today again he said he see me no more than just friends.. i called it quits.. I don't know if i made a good move? i was down to getting to know him and see about the future but now he just strictly wants to be friends but i have feelings for him and i can't see him as just friends.. what am i doing wrong (if i am )? what should i do? now that i said i dont wanna be friends he said no no please stay just talk less but please stay i said no and i deleted him off everywhere... am i being harsh and selfish? i just dont wanna be hurt i have feelings for him and i really like him i have told this to him and he just keeps saying i am confused and i dont wanna force him then he says he likes me? please help me understand this?


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  • Being he has been this fickle pickle over the past few months, Not being able to make up his mind if he wants to be 'Friends Or---More, I see a set pattern this guy has started with you, and to put it bluntly it's Mind boggling, to say the least, sweetie.
    He will Continue his flow, of Let's Go, then No, Slow, and have you and your heart and mind in a tither all the time. He says one thing Today, Does something else of another animal tomorrow, and you can't trust what it Could Ever be. And even now------Lets be friends and see how future looks.
    No, you are Not being 'Harsh and selfish,' but being on guard with your Own tender heart, and you were Wise and----Made a good move.
    And being you want More than he does, it's Not You who is 'Confused.' He may want to Continue the road paved to 'Friendzone, and perhaps Nothing would ever come out of it.
    This zebra may never change his stripes, and with the way you feel, the 'Future' that You Really want, it's better to Move on, for if you stayed you would only be hurt, and for that---------I deleted him off everywhere.
    There is someone out there who wants what you Want. This one is Not ready, changes his mind, and may even end up just wanting a friends with benefits down the line.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think you made a good choice. Doesn't seem like he really likes you or he wouldn't be so indecisive about it (which could prove to be bad in the future as well). It's possible that he's considering other options, or could be with other girls. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who will stick with one girl, if he's already been with you and deciding to be friends only, its possible cheating could be involved. Personally, I'd try to get over it and find someone who is certain of wanting you and unwavering in his/her decision.

    • Well he keeps tellin me I really like u but i am not sure yet and he just wants to friends coz he feels we have more differences than likes.. Yeah I asked about other options he said there is no one he's talking to.. Yup I recently met him and he said he wants to be more than frds and now he said this.. Why is he so confused?

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    • Thank you for your advice:) you are right i am just wasting my time i shouldn't have invested in this emotionally when there was nothing there to begin with.. he's just fooling around:( its sad that this was the first guy i ever dated lol maybe thats why i m getting all so worked up..

    • You are very welcome :) Hope you find someone who truly cares about you. You're an amazing girl and deserve much better. Wish you the best :)

  • I would just go with it he might just be wanting to see how into him you are

    • Just go with what? You think he might be talking to other girls? And keepin me as an option?

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  • I don't think you made the wrong choice. He is being very wishy washy. If you have feelings for him and you cannot see yourself being happy with just being friends, then it is good that you are losing contact with him and moving on. He is confusing you and that is clearly making you very frustrated. You don't need this negative vibe.

  • RUN don't walk RUN as far away as you can from him! You did the right thing deleting him from your life. He is trying to keep you as an option. Don't ever make him a priority. He is an idiot!

    • Yeah that's what I thought so too.. I shouldn't have invested myself in it but I met him two days ago he took me out and he was so sweet and caring ahhh I feel like a dumbass.. I haven't deleted off fb yet.. Should I do so?

    • Yes delete him. 9 times out of 10 we didn't do anything wrong they are just keeping options open for them in case something better comes along. What they don't realize is the way they are - they are looking for something that doesn't exist.

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