Honest question please don't judge. Which guy should I keep seeing?

Okay so i'm kind of seeing 3 guys at the moment and i'm sick of it, but i don't know which one i want to be with or how to tell the others that it isn't working out. Please give your opinion on which one! (I'm 18 btw)

A- 26 years old, works in a fast food shop, lovely guy, known for 10 months and really agree on a lot of stuff. He's pretty intense and clingy but he's very sweet and wants to meet my parents, but he lives quite a long way away.

B-18 years old. Lives quite close and we get along really well, however when we argue it's pretty heated, it's very passionate etc. He's very sweet and wants similar things in life as me

C-19 years old, met him recently, really sweet guy and we have very similar backgrounds. I am his shoulder to cry on a lot, but he really understands me and is very kind.

please tell me which and why etc... feel so messed up about this

  • A- the 26 year old
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  • B-the 18 year old
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  • C- the 19 year old
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  • none of the above
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  • None of the guys seem like "knock outs" but guy c seems like the better. I feel guy b could lead to a stressful or violent situation. Guy a is a lot older and clingy can be annoying.


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What Guys Said 3

  • pick up the one who's shorter than you

  • Keep seeing people. You are young. Have fun. Just be safe and be honest with all those guys, they deserve it.

  • You sound like a bit of a goer! Girls like you are HOT!


What Girls Said 1

  • 19 year old, the other two just don't seem right.