What to do with College girls?

I'm having a hard time adjusting to college.
I try my best to respect women. But it's quite difficult in the sense that I can't really talk.
For example, a group of my friends were going around inviting girls to a party because they needed 7 girls per male. So I separated from them because it was against my morales and all I could hear were the girls laughing with them while I silently hear them.

On top of to do good in college but I fear I might miss out on the ladies.

I fear that I will go through college having everything except finding Mrs. Right. After college my chances are drastically slim. They are already slim enough because I'm looking for a virgin since I'm one too.
What the heck do I do


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  • you sound perfect. I've just started college and I'm a virgin too. the guys here are jerks and only want me for sex, but i want someone special. i think you should just give it time because you seem like a really respectful guy, and i like guys like that :)


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