A kiss on the cheek between friends of the opposite sex: Acceptable or not?

Do you consider friendly pecks on the cheek to be a no-no when you have a partner?

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For clarity: The question is IS IT ACCEPTABLE? And the off-hand comment in the description offered the option of NO, however I forgot to include the counter-question of, "Or do you think it's perfectly fine?" Sorry about that, and thanks itzzxhypnotik!


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  • okay this question was confusing and you might want to redo it lol. the title asks if its acceptable or not (my answer would be yes, its acceptable)

    but your question asks if we consider is to be a no-no (which I would answer no)

    i don't think its a no no to give or recieve a kiss on the cheak to a friend so I responded no to the poll. but I'm thinking I should've clicked yes, because I think its acceptable?

    lol I don't know, be a little more clear next time you ask a question.

  • well I change my answer from no, to YES it is acceptable!


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