Is my Female Friend Interested In Me or Just Playing Games?

A female friend of mine recently made it obvious that she has romantic interest in me. I then asked her on out on a date, we have a great time, and in the following weeks she was very interested. Always coming up to me, making sure I got invites to events, holding my hand, leaning on my shoulder, smelling my neck when we hugged. Despite all this I was unable to get a second date.

I was getting a little fed up with these mixed signals, as it had been 6 weeks since our first date and she won't plan anything alone with me, not even lunch, so I politely confronted her about it. She claimed that she didn't have romantic interest in me, never remembered holding hands, and didn't consider our first date and thing but a friendly hangout.

I'm pretty sure she was lying, but I just told her I appreciated the clarification and told her good night, however as I was leaving she asked me to wait and said she has had bad experiences with men and that she wanted to get to know me, but she needed to trust me first and told me some of her past. I thought that might change things, but it's been 2-3 weeks since then and it's still the same excuses whenever I suggest the two of us going out or grabbing lunch.

I really enjoy spending time with her and we have a lot of fun together, especially dancing with her, but I'm starting to get fed up. If she's interested why won't she spend some time alone with me, and if she's not why won't she just say so? Is one or two date nights a month so much to ask for?

Any ideas what I should do or what she's thinking? Is she playing games? Does she just like the attention? Is she just being cautious because of her past with guys? She has been a friend for over a year, and I really do care about her, I just want to get to know her, but if she can't even give me one date in two months she isn't interested is she? I don't want to hurt her, but she has no one to blame but herself if she is interested in me as more than a friend.

Please help!


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  • It's possible that's she's been previously sexually assaulted by a boyfriend, hence, after the first date never being alone with you, because she does actually like you but is afraid of a repeat performance.

    Or she's a psycho bitch playing you for a fool.

    Both scenarios are probable.


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