Good friend/friend with benefits?/more than friends/possibly future boyfriend?

So.. I started seeing this guy. I've known him for about a year, and he's one of my very good friends.
Problem is... We kissed a couple of times, and we had sex.. oops.

So.. Yesterday we were at a bar with some friends (we're keeping our kissing and flirting a secret from our friends)
So he writes me "You want to sleep at my place tonight?"
And I was like, hell yeah!

Later he texts me again, but this time the message is saying "When are we going to kiss again?"

So we got out "to buy cigarettes..." and ended up kissing at a parkingspot :)

He was very drunk later on.. and he kept on telling me how beautiful I was, how much he liked me, how we couldnt be an official couple (both just got out of serious relationships) and started talking about what our babies would look like (WTF?)

So now I'm sitting here... thinking... WTF IS THIS? xD


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  • Honestly, as someone who over thinks everything, I must tell you to just sit back and enjoy what you have going on at the moment. It's young, innocent, and to some extent weird infatuation and you should ride it as long as you can before things get complicated and one of you want more or to define the relationship.


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