Should I write my crush a letter or show up at his house?

I want to get in contact with my crush to start hanging out with him more and perhaps let him know I like him.

The only contact detail I have is his house address and it's unlikely that I'll bump into him anytime in the next few months. Guys, would you prefer a girl to show up at your house or to receive a letter in the mail? What should I say?

He lives an hour away from me.


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  • No facebook? Turning up at the house could be super awkward / creepy unless you know that person fairly well.

    I guess a letter would be ok. Definitely the better option of the two.

    • He doesn't have social media of any kind, unfortunately.

      He's an acquaintance of 9 years, the friend of a friend.

      Thanks for the advice, I may just send him a casual letter :)

    • *I mean the brother of a friend

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