I can't figure this guy out?

I have been sleeping with this guy and i just can't figure him out.
He seems like a hard shell to crack, he doesn't even reveal everything to his best friend.
He's super attractive and great in bed, he's not hugely chatty but is the nicest person ever.
He has slept over most nights since we started, and will stay all night. We cuddle, kiss & have sex.
We text sometimes to organise him coming over, but its probably a 60(me):40 initiation. His idea to add me on Facebook & snapchat.
Sometimes he looks at me in a certain way when we cuddle, or have sex etc. Like he is trying to figure me out.
Yesterday we were watching a funny YouTube video, he was lying down and i was sitting up and he kept glancing up at me and i don't know why.
I just can't figure out of he is into this, if he wants this to be a thing (rather than just this week) and how to keep it going?


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  • If he's spending a lot of time with you and staying at your house at night he is definitely into you more as a friend if he stays the night at your house at the times you guys don't have sex then yeah he likes you more then just a fling if he's offering to do this and that then thats him being a gentleman and wanting more then just a hook up with you if you want him to be more then flat out tell him cause people can be blind by signs everyones not a physic its hard for us to figure out what a person wants or need so its best to tell them and be honest and straight forward