Why is this girl doing this to me?

I hang out with this girl on the weekends mostly and we usually just get drunk with our friends (this is how i met her) but she takes a lot of interest in me and we talk a lot on the phone and text and when we hang out she only talks with me and is really touchy and stuff and is always trying to get my attention and touching me. Well she just got out of a bad relationship with her boyfriend and has been talking with me more, I've known her for 10 months but she just broke up with her boyfriend like 2 weeks ago, and we hung out a few days ago and something you have to know is that she Does flirty things and wants my attention a lot but at the end of the night she will text me and say im sorry for leading you on i didn't mean to hurt you. Well this has been happening for a long time and we've become good friends/idk, but anyways she was with me a few days ago and she took my phone and hid it in her bra and made me try and find it so i felt her ass n boobs and we were laughing a lot and then later that night we had a brief 5 second kiss out of no where and it was all her doing it i had no idea it was coming. I've told her i like her and care about her a lot and that i would want to date her many times before this and she always says she loves me as a friend and doesn't want to hurt me but she wishes she could like me and says she dosnt know whats holding her back? Why does she want to talk to me and flirt with me only to hurt my feelings at the end of the day? Why can't she just say she had a good night and wants to see me again?


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  • Your so sweet to notice these things, really.. But is she drunk all the time? maybe she is quite fond of you and it seems that way but at the same time, it sounds like she is just enjoying your attention and toying with you...

    • she's not always drunk no, i talk to her a lot even when she was dating her boyfriend and we still flirted then. I've tried to just forget about her but i can't I don't know why. But whenever i try to just let go of her she finds a way to come back, messaging me, hanging out, she just comes back. do you really think she's just toying with me?

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    • Your 100% rite, its just hard for me to do it, i'm like one of those guys that don't say much and am super shy. But when i see her ill give it a try. thanks.

    • No worries, hope it all goes well! and even if it doesn't turn out how you would like, just remember you gave it a try!

  • Sounds like she's a bit emotionally damaged/vulnerable... leave that ish well alone unless you're willing to really deal with it (which could involve a fair amount of emotional investment and could end in heartbreak)

    • well its definitely leaving me with a heartbreak... id do anything to be with her, I don't know why she always comes back and does stuff with me to just take it back in the end and hurt my feelings.

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