Should I go on his facebook?

I like this guy and he told me his password for something and then one night I was a bit drunk and decided to try it on his facebook. It worked but I felt so guilty I turned it off straight away. I only want to know whether he talks about me to his friends but I know it's wrong and I know I'll feel guilty. I've just waited so long to know if he likes me and it's really tempting.


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  • I understand how tempted you must be. Your crush giving you a 'key' to all information you need to know regarding him (dis) liking you.
    However, do NOT do it. You will achieve nothing apart from a feeling of extreme guilt. Trust me, you will thank yourself if you don't go on his Facebook. Look - if you guys are meant to be together, the thing will sort itself out.
    Imagine if you logged into his Facebook, read his messages, and found out that he hasn't been talking about you and doesn't like you... then what? You would have literally just betrayed his privacy and if he found out (which he will)... then girl, you can forget about your chances of being together.
    Also, imagine if you logged into his Facebook, read all his messages, and found out that he DOES like you. Still... then what? You can't go up to him and say "I know you like me because I went on your Facebook account and read all of your messages."
    Think about that. My advice - don't do it.


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  • If you want to know does he like you then ask hem but in a kind of discreet way... Because if you go in his Facebook you might read something you weren't suppose too , I think he likes you especially since he gave you his password , but maybe it was a test to see could he trust you , and there's way to know if someone has logged into Facebook so yeah just ask hem but don't ask hem if you get it

  • I think it's wrong to go on his Facebook like that without him knowing. If he does like you I doubt he talks about it on Facebook anyway and also if you go on it you could see something you won't like such as him talking to other girls so I think it's in both of your best interests to stay away from his Facebook just try to not think about it and eventually if you avoid it long enough you'll probably forget the password over time anyway

  • Don't you do it. Are you seriously going to invade his privacy just because you want to know something you could ask him? I don't think you feel guilty enough if you're contemplating doing it again.