What do I do to pay attention to tell if she is interested in me if she is a quiet girl? Should I make a move to get her number Tuesday?

Im a high schooler in my senior year at the top of my class and I've always been extremely preoccupied because of lacrosse, work and ap classes. but i noticed this girl last year and i immediately started crushing on her. although as of 4 days ago I only got to the point where i was able to talk with her on daily basis because of of our onlineclasses are in the same period. But the thing is she is really quiet and when i talk to her she smiles and laughs and even showed me stuff she was involved in. but she hasn't opened up or she is just in general not very talkative. I am almost a 100 percent certain that she doesn't really have any guy friends or boyfriend since she rarely speaks to people in general. Today i was going to try and get her number but was blocked in every possible way since there was a tornado drill and then my lunch got switched (which i thought was a good thing until all the seats were taken at her table. I got my buddie to look out for me and she didn't talk to the other people much) nd my class seat changed since some freshmen were in my seat the class before. I noticed she looked at me and we spoke for a second but she sat in her normal sest without movongcloser or anything. was she being considereate of the people around her or was she thinking that i didn't want to talk to her? i feel i might have missed my chance to make a move because of that. For me personally im a shy guy who isn't really smooth with the ladies but im very genuine and Every time I see her I get butterflies. Ocasionally i do see her glancing at me or at my work. Is there anything i can do to try and get to the point of a relationship or have i already screwed up? is there something i can do to make her open up more or is she someone who that, to get to thay point of liking me bck if she doesn't already? Also if it matters im a 5" 10 black dude with skinny muscular build and she is a white girl who was born in romainia and has a skinny build.

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  • What about if you just go and talk to her? The worst thing that can happen is that you two end up being just friends, and a new friendship doesn't hurt anybody, does it?


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  • I can't say yes, but its definitely a good start keep it up , talk to her on daily basis. Anyway good luck