Did I offend him by replying "I 'kind of' like you too"?

Went on a third date with a guy Friday night. He told me he "kind of" likes me, as he didn't want to come on too strong.
I replied the same.
After he walked me to my car, we made out, and he whispered a few times, I like you. And I said it back.

We exchanged a few msg's back and forth on Saturday. He said we should do it again some time. And I said, "Yes, for sure because I kind of like you too ;)".
He commented back on "kind of", joking that it offended me Friday when he said that. And I said, No, I was just teasing... kind of fits for now.

And he hasn't written back since? We usually talk everyday. I should also mention he had a bad headache Friday and is still recovering.


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  • Personally i would not be offended, especially if i'd said it too.
    To me it would just come across as playful, especially with the wink.

    A headache shouldn't really stop him texting so maybe there's another reason.

    Anyway, at the end of the day, he said he likes you, and he's like to do it again sometimes, so if you like him then text him. You don't have to wait for him.

    Hope it works out :)

    • Thank you... but to clarify, did I offend him when I added "'kind of' fits for now"... cause that was the last thing I said, and he hasn't replied to that. Thanks

    • I would say no as it definitely wouldn't offend me, and even if it did, It wouldn't stop me texting back.

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  • I think the first time u said it was cute but the second time may have bothered him a bit or maybe he misinterpreted it, while I personally would have found it funny I could see how someone may get a little uncomfortable.


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  • I think he just had higher expectations. So when you said that it wasn't what he expected. It's not bad though. I think it's him. You did nothing wrong.