Girls why do you giggle after a guy approaches you and you turn him down?

a lot of times I'll approach girls and talk to them for 10 minutes only to find out she has a bf. Then i'll tell her my name and she'll tell me hers and then i'll say it was nice meeting her and as I walk away i'll hear her giggle. Wtf? Are they just excited a guy hit on them even though she has a bf?

It's hard to find single girls even. Today I was at the grocery store getting a few items and I made a couple laps around the store and there was one girl shopping by herself. She was married though. The other girls had their bf's tagging along


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  • It's a release of emotions, it's awkward for a girl to reject a guy. Even if she's interested but is taken. Many haven't learned to control or deal with their emotions and even more don't know how to be classy in turning down a guy. Although sexist I think there should still be dating classes.


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  • Its always nice to be hit on, so maybe. It could be nerves or it could be that you were ugly. IDK. But when I laugh its because I just lied about having a bf cuz I didn't ever want to talk to that guy again so.

  • I would never giggle in front of guy whom i have turned down as it looks rude for d guy. Imagine someone turning me down n giggling at me... I wouldn't feel good!!


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