What does it mean when girls stare at you from distance when they didn't see you for long time? Need help?

These two girls were playing flirting game with me my whole internship year , its was just fun just flirting and wasting time , i took it so far when i decided that i really like one of them , she made it obvious that she want to talk with me she keep standing next to me when im alone or in free time , i tried to talk to her once but she didn't answer she let her friends answer later someone introduced us to each other so i text her she said i dont know you so i just took no as an answer , her friend kept flirting she came twi weeks to my area just to see me , she smile stare at my face she even stand really close to me , she kept flirting even after what happened with her friend , i finished studying so i didn't go there for almost two months when i went there to finish some papers they stood right in front of me staring , i looked up i saw them staring from afar so i looked away because im done with this stupid game , so the walked brought coffee and left they didn't look again, why they stared from far? And why friend kept flirting even though her friend rejected me twice?


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  • Maybe her friend likes you and enjoys flirting with you but the other girl isn't interested. Also girls stares at someone if they are kinda interested in them or if they are talking shit about them with their friends


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