Did she change her mind?

There is this girl I like. We've been friends for 3 months. She told me I wasn't her type which kind of destabilised our friendship and made things a bit awkward. After cutting my loses , I sent her a bouquet of flowers with a note saying " I'm sorry I didn't understand your point of view. I hope we can continue to be friends " .

I know she liked the flowers because she put it all across her Facebook and Instagram. Now , she sent me a text this morning saying " we need to talk face to face " she started texting me random aswell eg '' I just got home ''

I'm confused because she insisted on being just friends which I've agreed upon. Why does she need to talk face to face? And what do you reckon she going to say? It couldn't be any worse than " let's be friends or I'm not interested " which she has already said as in " you are not my type " HELP

We've actually had sex once. . . . does it make any difference to your answers? Thanks


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  • Just meet up with her face to face and see what happens. Maybe she did change her mind and maybe she just wants to *try* to date (not necessarily jump into a relationship). Keep your expectations low, though and just meet. You won't know unless you do. Any answer you get here is just speculation.


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  • Don't get your hopes up. It could be anything! Anything in the world she may want to talk about. You said you would be there for her as a friend so maybe she wants to talk about a death in the family. Or it could be related to your guys relationship. But really the possibilities of what she wants to talk about are endless. Just be there for her and wait it out and take what she says on face value don't read into signs too much.


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  • I agree with the others, don't risk putting your hopes up... she maybe just wants to clarify that you're friends, and that's how it will stay.

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