Should I send this in a text?

I've been reading this dating book and the guy who wrote it said to send this to the guy I'm talking to "You know, I noticed something about you and something bad as well" He says to wait for the guy to respond and say "Well, the good thing is you're not like most guys." And basically leave him hanging on the bad part... Should I do this or not? It states that it will make the guy want me an to know more about me...


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  • Well that depends... do you actually know something bad about him?

    • Yes, I do

    • I see this plan as blowing up in your face but if the "guy expert" says to do it...

    • Honestly, I prob won't send it. It kind of sounds creepy.

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  • That sounds kinda lame. It's gonna blow up in your face. Guys don't like playing games


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  • True story but, I really did hear a bad rumor about a guy and kind of hinted the same thing. It made things a very awkward but, we talked it out. It my opinion, you shouldn't say that unless it really is something true that's necessary to talk about. Just be more direct instead of saying "something bad" it'll freak him out.