How can I end the date without things being awkward?

So I've gone out with this guy three times. He's nice, and I like getting to know him. We haven't kissed yet, though I think he tried at the end of our last date. I didn't realize he was going for it until I'd already pulled back from the hug. I felt so dumb, haha
Anyway, we're going for coffee and then to a movie tomorrow. I think he's gonna be picking me up, which means that he's gonna have to drop me off. But how can we do the drop off without it being awkward. A kiss or even a hug in the car would be awkward, and I don't want to end up sitting there uncomfortably not sure if he's gonna make another move or not. Like those awkward movie moments where the girl just stands there waiting for the guy to do something. I know I'm not gonna be comfortable enough to initiate a kiss, and I'm not even sure if I want to kiss him, though I would if he went for it.
Uugghhh I'm sorry I just don't know what I'm doing (I'm 22 but this is the first guy I've dated - I've never even kissed anyone before) and I'm so nervous for the goodbye part of the evening!


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  • My goodness, all this sounds so cute! Reminds me of my younger days! Really miss the good ol' times.

    Anyway, I suggest you take things a bit easy because you're unnecessarily getting worked up. This is quite natural because he's the first guy you're dating. You don't have to 'initiate' anything, but don't hesitate to respond when he initiates. Of course, he will initiate something again because he would be well aware by now that your 'awkwardness' is due to your inexperience and your affection (if i can call it that) towards him.

    Good luck, and I hope this cute romance of yours lasts a long long time (ideally forever)! Cheers! :)


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