Feeling bad about talking to guys?

I have a boyfriend, and I really want us to last , problem is i'm a girl going to an all boys school. I have been talking a bit to my guy friends Jason and mitch (not flirting or anything) but I feel really bad and like im cheating on my bf, by the way he hasn't given me any reason to suggest that I am but I still feel like this, he isn't going to my school and I may not be able to see him as much. Please tell me why I feel like this and how I should get over it. xx


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  • Why do you feel guilty when you didn't do anything sexually behind his back? And plus, you have no choice but to attend to this school.

  • I think a good question to ask here is: Why is a girl going to an all-boys school?

    • If it's in the UK, when 16+ girls can study at boy schools and vice versa for A levels.

    • I am aware, although here in the UK it's not usually exclusive, usually the classes are shared between to distribute the workload on both staff teams :/

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