I get crushes way too easily?

Okay, so it started in 8th grade I didn't like anybody. No one. At all. I tried to force myself to like boys to fit in. Well since then looks whats happened. I'm PANSEXUAL!! Yaaaay. Anyway and then marching band happened and I got a HUGE crush on this senior boy in my section. And then I kinda forced myself to keep liking him. I'm since stopped but I've gotten into a habit of whenever I'm bored I daydream about him and now its weird and gross. Anyway, then I had a crush on a percussionist named Camryn. she's so cute. I don't know if I'm over her. I was never as deeply under with her as I was with senior boy. And now there's this boy in my German class but he's 17 and in 10th grade because he was truant. Yeah. So I know that sounds so stereotypical "bad boy" but he's super mature and has a plan to continue his education after he drops out of high school. I don't really REALLY like him but if he asked me out, and he was totally flirting with me the other day, I wouldn't say no. So I have 2 and a half overlapping crushes and I just don't want to like any of them anymore its so frustrating. I'm a freshman by the way. I know there really isn't anything to answer here but I want someone to give me advice that isn't just oh its your hormones! I know it is but I want to be able to deal with this situation. Oh and the senior boy I was into is SUPER into me and he's making really obvious.


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  • Okay, so you have the empty meaningless feelings most teen girls have for worthless people going nowhere in life and contributing nothing to society, not so strange.


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