How do I know if he's talking to other girls too?

Met him on a dating site and been seeing him for past 2 months we hit off pretty good. First he said he wants to introduce me to his family then when we met he started getting all touchy feely (I clearly told him i dont wanna do anything physical before marriage) and then next day he said he's not sure about me and we should get to know more about each other as friends and see from there. I said I am ok with that then later when he met me he said he wants to be more than friends and then again after few days he said I can't see more than just friends.. what is he doing? Is he talking to other girls on the side? he's still active on the site... is he even a good guy? why is he so confused and indecisive? Am i just wasting my time? what should i do? can someone help me?

I even asked him why is he on the dating site still he says he is not using it but when i checked he was logged in through his phone... also i asked him if he is keeping his options open and talking to other girls he said no clearly.


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  • I don't think he's a good guy. More than likely he has other relationships on the side, especially if he can't choose!!! Guys that are serious wouldn't be indecisive about a girl they really like. Leave him be and find someone who truly cares because if he is so indecisive now, that's going to be even worse in the relationship and I wouldn't want you getting hurt because of it.


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  • run away to safe your self from heart break and being hurt... it seems he is so confused and he dont even know what he wants.. yes sure, he is still talking to other girls

    • then why is he telling me to still talk to him? he said he really really likes me and still wants me around? is he trying to get into my pants or something?

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    • uhmm i knew it, he is just a player looking for girls to hook up with.. he just wanted to get into your pant.. just be happy and thankful that you did not involved emotions, if not by now you will be passing through a heart break.

    • Yeah thank god! You were so right about this! He's disgusting what a pretend! I don't know what all this friend bullshit was for? I deleted off my fb and phone for good! Whew what a nasty experience! And he's over me and found another chick in one day? Lol wow he's fast and he's online 24/7 now how he used to be when he first started talking to me

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  • He told you he wasn't sure about you. Of course he's seeing other girls. That doesn't make him bad, that just means he doesn't want you.