Girls: I like this introvert girl. How can I approach her?

Hello everyone.
There's this girl in my class, that I feel like it would be good to get to know her. She's really smart and seems quite interesting. We've talked several times through mutual friends -or should I say, my friends brought her many times to hang out with us-.

When we begin the next semester, I'd like to get to know her better. However, she's seems to have rather an introvert personality. Do not get me wrong, I admire that- I might be an introvert too, though I don't like to label myself. The deal is that I do not want to "get in her space" or intrude into her privacy.

-Now, May you honour me with your pieces of advice?
For your information, I'm messaging her through Facebook from time to time, and these days are going great. We're talking about music and books.


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  • Just as you are talk about things how she is or get to know her and see if she ever tried to start and conversation 1st maybe get her number later on as you get abit closer and then keep progessing like getting together to hang out or something.

  • I'm introverted in that way. I would just approach her like a friend and try to get interested in what she is interested in, and maybe get her number. I think she'd appreciate it. I don't show interest in boys until they show interest in me, and thats how most introverts are. The key is not to get discouraged because of her personality :)


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