Why am I so creepy to girls?

I notice when I'm on dating sites I just send a first message to the girl and I find out she deleted her account and its not 1 girl that has did this its been around 10


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  • It may be the way you present yourself.
    If you've got a shirtless picture... or you come with a douch-y quote... or if you comment on her body... All signs she will ignore you right away (most of the time).

    • That's the thing I don't do none of these here's what I typically say "hey how's it going I'm blank I think you seem like a really cool girl and I would like an opportunity to get to know you better"

    • Strange...
      I don't know a lot about dating sites... but I bet a lot of people go there just to hook up. Ad least that's my understanding of them...
      It's a strange community. I can't say I understand it.

    • Thanks. =)
      Btw, your picture might be what's putting them off. You said you don't post shirtless pictures...

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