Why Can't My Head And My Heart Agree?

This summer I worked an amazing job, it was an internship for my grad program I was around lots of male students about my age. I met two guys...

Guy #1 worked on my floor, really really nice. We were very friendly over the summer, and he helped with work a lot! I had no idea that he wanted more. I encouraged him with other girls this summer, by promising that whoever he dated was a really lucky girl! Even as a friend, he was a little clingy.

Guy #2 I met eating lunch one day! He's hot, and asked me out almost right away! He makes me feel amazing and I can't believe he'd give me the time of day! We are seeing each other. We have agreed that if we meet other people we would tell each other. He's a charmer, and def could get girls. I have told him that I'd be okay with being friends but hope that this turns to something to which he replied he's optimistic

During this time guy #1 told me he was into me, and I should pick him over guy #2 because he'd never hurt me. I told him that he's probably the better guy, but I was so into guy #2 that it wasn't fair to him.

Guy #2 is bothering me this weekend. He was supposed to call me Friday after work, but didn't. Instead he appoligised Saturday morning he had to head home for a family issue (which he didn't mention may happen) and is of course fine, but why couldn't he have shot me a text to tell me that..
Then he was supposed to call me yesterday night and didn't. I have a seriese of sweet texts on my phone promising me the world next week (basically). It bugs me that he says he will and he doesn't. Am I crazy? and is there a guy that I can bring this up to the guy I am seeing? I know he's busy and that's fine I don't mind the cancellation of plans, I just wish he'd inform me...
Also is guy #1 likely to really want to be friends? Is it mean if I still talk to him? Because I want to


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  • You know the answer. Guy #2 is good looking, a charmer and makes you feel good about being liked by someone who has these qualities. You are infatuated. Guy #1 may not be as good looking or a charmer, but is a solid citizen, nice and respectful. You know you should be with #1.

  • well as you probably already know #2 sounds like the player type who doesn't really care about a long term relationship of any kind and #1 sounds like he would love and appreciate you till the day you die.

    Your heart wants #2 yes? Your probably infatuated with him, he's popular with girls because many probably feel the way you do. You're head probably wants #1 because he's the sensible choice and isn't going to screw you over. Essentially you should choose #1 but you'll probably choose #2 am i right?

    • Yeah, you are right! I think there is something wrong with me. I get upset with guy #2 and say I am going to give it a few more days, because of whatever. Then he sweeps me off my feet again. How can I make guy #2, either want me or walk away? How do I fix the way I feel? lol

    • You can't change the types of guys they are, there are the odd few that break the mould, but generally the qualities of such men are decided by who they are; the most attractive will always appreciate a woman less because he is in high demand, the man who loves one woman and gets her will appreciate her far more -and will act as such. #2 can treat you badly and you'll still accept him when he comes back, so he won't care as much and that only makes him more desirable to you because him and what comes from him is less obtainable. Well as pointless as giving this advice to a crushing girl is, you need to think rationally...

    • SO from a psychological stand point are you saying I should totally back off of guy #2? and see what he does because that may make sense

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