Could this mean he wants a relationship now?

I recently saw a guy I haven't seen in 9 months because he had been trying to contact me again, I had been out of the country for a long time. things ended between us because it was a non committed relationship, and then he got jealous and just wouldn't talk to me so I told him to just forget my number. We had a really great time the other day when we met up to talk and walk around a park together (I insisted we meet during the day). he was incredibly nice and gentlemanly. I hit my knee, he kissed it to "make it better" he held me close whenever a car drove by, asked a lot about my life and he told me a lot about what had been going on with his. he didn't mention sex at all, but I started making out with him when we got back to his place, I was a total tease. I also got way too stoned off only one hit of pot and acted really nervous when he said bye, and that it was really great to see me. I think I was insisting on knowing when I would hear from him again. he told me "maybe that's why it didn't work out before." before this, inside, he told me he liked me but when I asked him what he wanted he said he didn't know. what should I make of this? i told him I want to see him but feel weird, so he told me to call when I didn't feel like that anymore.

he has also asked me twice now if I have a boyfriend
is this good or bad?


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  • It certainly appears to have been leaning towards that direction. However, I ask of you this, why did you tease the guy sexually when he clearly made an attempt to convince you that his interest in you lie beyond sex?

    Incidentally, by insisting on knowing when you would hear from again, you perhaps appeared somewhat desperate.

    After, you asked him, yet again, what he wanted. His response, after just witnessing your insecurity and persistence was, "I don't know." And appropriately so. Just relax, and flow with the go. The guy seems interested in a relationship.

    • he didn't want a relationship before because he was just getting out of/over his first relationship that lasted 7 years, that's why I got insecure at the end I think

    • he told me he didn't know before I was persistent about it, he's told me he doesn't know twice

    • Then perhaps you should have let it be. You know, give him a bit of time before you revisited the topic. He is interested, though, so just be patient.

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  • Just don't come across needy and desperate, if you've already teased him maybe he's putting on the smooth moves cause he's nearly got you where he wants you. If he rings or text maybe take your time in replying you don't want him the think your waiting by the phone, maybe let him chase you a little, let him know you have a life and not all for him - if he wants you let him come get you

    • well he already kind of put the ball back in my court when he told me to call him when I didn't feel weird. I basically told him I wasn't ready to see him, but would let him know when I was. i feel like if he contacted me during time I said I would be the one to contact him I might wonder how much eh respects me/my decisions.

    • I think you may have just answered it yourself! If he did continue to contact you he didn't listen to you and your right it's simply basic respect that he jhas disregarded. I do think if he did send a text or even a phone call to say hello without any smooth talking or do you want to catch up , just a call to say hello, but a fine line, that is signs that he his respectful and interested. If he wants you he should wait, but remember you did start out with the teasing so if he not prepared to wait you know he chasing one thing, and your better off!!

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