If you hooked up with a guy friend and nothing came of it, is there no hope?

So a girl and a guy become friends, he asks her to hang out I'm social settings over a month or two, then one night they end up alone after drinking and they make out and grope a little. Afterwards, there's no awkwardness, he makes a passing mention of it and they move on. There's light flirting
but no real moves to hang out more.

Time goes on, 6-8 months, it's forgotten but they're still friends. Meanwhile, the girl is still secretly into him. And sometimes wonders if nothing ever happened because she was timid and uncertain after, there was alcohol involved after all.

At this point, is there no hope of them ever being more than friends?


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  • This literally happened to me well kinda... i have known this girl and we hang out almost every week and get drunk with one of her friends and a bunch of my guy friends. she always gave me attention and flirted and said we were friends and then 2 days ago she kissed me and had me feel her up. now she already knew i liked her I've told her this before, and she says she's sorry for leading me on and loves me as a friend... she says this after every night we hang out cause we always flirt and stuff but never kiss, anyways why would a girl do this to a guy she knows likes her a lot and wants to date her? kiss him and talk to him a lot and then take it back every time?

    • I can't answer that, other than to say maybe she cares more about the way the attention makes her feel, than you feelings which is messed up, maybe it's the same for me. I've thought about that, maybe it's not entirely intentional though.

      But I guess maybe we can both take solace in the fact that it's not one gender or another that sucks, just people all together. :)

    • Well that sucks for us. :(

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  • Of course you can be more than friends. Ask him out on a date! Tell him you want to be more than just friends. Do you want to have sex with him? Asking him that directly will surely get you a response.


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  • There might be hope if his circumstances change but don't count on it. Unless something changes or unless your friendships grows deeper - you probably don't have much of a chance of something coming out of this.

  • are you talking about you? LOL

    well tbh if that much time has lapsed, i've kissed my guy friend on more than one occasion when i was tipsy and near point of drunk, we promised to never talk about it and never let it ruin our friendship. and it never has, but i know nothing will come of it.

    you can tlak to him about it but then you're kind of putting everything on the table, so you're taking a bit of a risk.

    good luck !

    • No way, totally asking hypothetically or for a friend.

      Besides, I'm far too chicken shit to ever say anything, so I'll probably never know.

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