Hi everyone! I need some advice on asking my crush out?

I have a crush and his name starts with a G. Anyway, we are both in high school and homecoming is already coming up for us and I really want to ask him out. The problem is that I'm the shy type. I never flirted with a boy never even attempted to. The other problem is that my family is a bit... racist. I told them that I liked a white boy and they said "Oh no even worse" and "Why a white boy?" He smiled at me numerous of times and everytime I try to hold eye contact I look away because of his beautiful eyes, his smile, and his skin. I'm a black girl and he's a white boy. My family is a bit on the racist side. Not only with whites but mexicans and asians. I like him a lot. We are not friends so how do I ask him out? How do I flirt with him? I really appreciate your answers.


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  • You probably should introduce yourself to him in a friendly manner first. Generally just asking out someone you don't know regardless of if you're boy or girl isn't a good idea. Just see how he is, meet him see if he's interested in you. Talk to him, then if he seems receptive, ask him if he wouldn't mind coming with you to home coming. 50/50 chance since you don't even know him, but at least you tried.

    I don't recommend flirting unless you're experienced and know what to do. Just be friendly and stay relaxed. If you know something about his interests then I'd suggest asking him about that.

    You aren't marrying the guy so it shouldn't matter what your family thinks at this point. If he does agree to go to homecoming with you then just tell your family he's a friend not a boyfriend. Now if he becomes your boyfriend that's a whole different problem, in that case, its your family's problem if they're racist not yours.


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  • This is what I do: I tell them I like their hair, or shirt, or outfit or something, and then I bond with them through music. Then I wait for them to make the move... and they never do. The End

    • I am soooo sorry that they never ask you out. Its the same with me. I totally agree with you all the way. I also agree with complimenting him because it always works. I mean, who doesn't like compliments? Thank you for your opinion! :)

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