What are some ways to make first dates not awkward?

Okay so I'm going on a date next weekend and I'm like really really nervous because I get so awkward when I'm alone with a guy. I don't know what to say and I make things awk. What are some ways to not make first dates awkward?

I know it can be pretty nerve wracking going on a first date. But try not to think about it too much and don;t think about messing things up because that will make it more likely that you will. Just be chill, and make a conversation with the guy. Like ask questions about him and stuff he's into. Then find something you two have in common and talk about that. Hope this helped!


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  • rellllllaxxxxx. be yourself. he's gonna be just as nervous. just go with it. your yong. you will be fine. carry yourself with confidence and a smile :)


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