Should I tell him his friend is my ex?

Ok so the guy im talking to we talk more often and I notice he's friends with my exboyfriend (we dated for two years, on and off.. but nothing serious.. he played me but I dumped him so he might have harsh feelings) I HAD NO IDEA THEY WERE FRIENDS until I saw a tweet of his asking my ex to go to the gym. Should I tell him or would it ruin everything? I don't want it to be a surprise but we just started talking and I don't want to screw things up!

  • Tell him while we're getting to know eachother
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  • Dont tell him until we get more serious
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We're going on our first date this weekend, do I tell him then? Or on date #2? Or date #5? When is the perfect time?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ask yourself first these questions, Are you looking for a serious relationship? Is he worth it? It is better to tell him now than to wait. Put everything on he table and then see if he stills wants to eat it. If you wait until you get serious and then tell him and lose him it will hurt you more because you made a stronger connection with him. And if your ex tells him chances are he will still be friends with your ex and not even want to talk to you. But if you tell him now he will probably be more forgiving because he is just starting to learn about you plus everybody has a past he will probably be more understanding of that.


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What Guys Said 2

  • You should tell him. It would be much better than him finding out later through another person. And what would be worse still would be him finding out that you knew already and didn't say anything. It would then seem like you were hiding something.

    If it is going to be a problem, better to get it out into the light now and see if you can deal with it. If it's not going to be a problem, then you will be able to put your mind at ease right away and not worry about it in the back of your head moving forward.

    It will also help you from second guessing a lot of things, to stop you from worrying about 'did he find out? did my ex tell him something?'

  • if you belive he likes you, you should tell him because if you get serious and he finds out you knew he was friends with your ex he's gonna be pissed as hell


What Girls Said 1

  • Whether you tell him or not, he will find out from his friend anyway. But if you want to get romantically involved with this guy, it's best to tell him. It doesn't matter when you do it. Chances are, the outcome will remain the same. A friend won't go where another friend has been.