Will you date an Indian Man and if things work out will you marry him?

I mean as a western women can you date an indian man, anything you wanna say just say it.

I am in an online relationship with an American girl from last 5 months and i am very serious for her, will our relationship work i want is martiage to her will she settle doen with me?


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  • Why Western Women? I spent a few months teaching at a hospital in India... I think you have some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life there... And so humble... wow, you're lucky...

    Sometimes though, the cultural differences between people from different countries can make things complicated. Be careful... Cultural differences can never really be realized via internet dating. If I were you, I would look closer to home... good luck...

    • Thanks for comments so much, nice to know you are a doctor one of my brother is also a doctor, yeah women are beautyful here but whats wrong with a western women, can't she be good wife and mother?

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    • South African girls arr also beautyful, i just want is a marriage mindrdgirl, who wants marriage and family and loves lots of kids

    • Yes we have some very beautiful women here, likewise with any place in the world... But what's more important is how you relate to and grow with someone. It doesn't matter what you look like or what the lady looks like... it's more important what's inside... in heart, soul and spirit... Find a woman with strong qualities in those areas and you will find true happiness friend... But, treat her with respect, compassion and love and you will find eternal happiness...

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  • I would NEVER ever marry you. You are a pathetic creep that stalks women in order to fulfill your sexual fantasies about being with a white woman. You advocate rape and excuse the actions of the rapist by claiming that it is the woman who is at fault when a man attacks her. If I woman says "no" to sex whether she is sober, drunk, your girlfriend or your wife, YOU CANNOT HAVE SEX WITH HER. No means no, it is as simple as that.

    I would never want my future children to have a father as abusive and as delusional as you. Quit trying to message me and trying to convince me to marry you. Sorry, but I'm not that desperate and you aren't that lucky.

    No western woman will ever marry a man as controlling and as sexist as you. This may seem harsh, but hopefully this will get the message across to you and to other women and men reading this.

    Thank you to @Med11 for encouraging me to write this :)

  • Well I want to say one thing. Why are you creeping on 'Western Women'.
    Why is there a shortage of women in India?
    You're just a friggin creep. You know. You advocate rape, you say women shouldn't wear whatever they want.
    You're asking the same damn question time and again like @Med11 pointed out. I just don't get it what's your damn problem.
    Just get on with your life.
    And whatever you said about dating some American woman I believe that's nothing but a trololol.
    And I agree with whatever @Med11 and @bellahastings said.

    • You are judging and saying something which i am not, i am not a creep nor a stalker, and i had never stalked or ever will any women for sex, yeah there are indian women but i got akid and they aren't ok with my son so how can i marry one, i just want a mother for my son and wife for me

    • And then he goes on saying how he would love to rape a western woman. This guy has issues.

    • What are you saying i have never said of raping any western women

  • Did you talk to her about marrying her?

  • I am not attracted to Indian men so it's a no from me.

    • If you dont mind can i know whats wrong with us and where we lack that beautyful girl like you aren't intrrested in us, is looks everything? Thanks for comments

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    • I can't really put a finger on it, I am simply just not attracted to them. Not even the Bollywood actors.

  • American people don't think about marriage as fast as Asian people do but it could work out. But what's wrong with Indian women?

    • I know that nothing wrong with an indian women but whoever girl comes for marriage her family isn't ok with fact that i got a kid, so i can't marry a girl whose not ok with my son, second thing is sex i can't go to a prostitute for sex, i guess you must have got answer, you western women are kind and open minded marriage could work out if there's true love and feelings

  • For most girls, it's not about race. It's more about how you look and your personality. I'd marry an Indian guy if I was in love with him. I wouldn't marry someone who was pushing me into marriage so their parents wouldn't arrange a marriage for them

  • Yes yes yes!

  • Sure, I'd have no problem dating an Indian man.

  • I would date someone Indian if I was attracted to him

  • No. Sorry.


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  • "I am in an online relationship with an American girl from last 5 months and i am very serious for her, will our relationship work i want is martiage to her will she settle doen with me?"




    "if the girl is white westerner i wiuldnt hesitate to marry or to commit her, whites are not seen as good girls and marriage material here in indian families, they are always considered loose morals and too easy to be on bed. But i know thats not true good girls are out there i know the marriage type girls, believer of god and marriage"

    1) Advocates Rape
    2) Stalks women online
    3) Contradicts himself in his statements of "having a GF" while he actively pursues other women
    4) Advocates Rape
    5) Advocates Rape

    /Case Closed

    • Whats wrong with you why are you personally attacking and stalking me, not a single girl here could say i have stalked her because i have not, stop stalking me

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    • I want a site which is absolutely free no hidden charges

    • @question Which are exactly the ones I linked. I think you will find them (especially the first 3) very suitable for your current needs and your specific personality type. Especially considering how important it is for you to assure women don't drink. That said, I think those first three sites will be right up your... alley.


  • how many times you are going to ask the same damn question in different words?

  • Aup Hindi meh bath kartha? Shit my Hindi is terrible. But don't worry, someone will come around for you. We can't see the future. Go talk to a punduth or something.

    • Awesome you can try you can be very good in hindi its simple

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    • So now are you settled in america orfor studies you there, i seen your pic and you looked indian to me

    • Born and raised in California. I wish I didn't look Indian hah. Need to work on that. Need to look unique.

  • they always think we do that for the Green card.