He seems all into it and then says something that makes me unsure?

This guy I am sleeping with at uni (because he is temporarily in my dorm) has gone home for the week.
We have only being seeing each other for a week, but he has slept over every day & it isn't just sex.
He cuddles me and has long chats to me and he kisses me when he is leaving. I have had the best week.
We don't text heaps because i don't know what to say really, but i wish i texted more.
The issue is that I asked him if this would continue past this week, when he moves back to his dorm.
He said he has enjoyed hanging out with me and "even came over not expecting sex, which is scary" but he said he will "see what happens when he is home". He was still super adorable to me afterwards and stayed all night, cuddled me & kissed me goodbye.
I texted him after saying "thanks for a great week. Let me know if you want to keep hanging out when you are back"
He basically said thanks and then something about his day, but nothing about us.
He seems all into it and then says something that makes me unsure.
I don't know what he means, i really want it to continue and am worried that it won't!


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  • A week is a little hard to judge things. Be upfront and honest with him. Ask him if he's looking for just sex and a good time, or a relationship. If whatever his answer is isn't compatible with what you want, you need to break it off before you get hurt.

    • I don't want a relationship but i do want something to continue whatever it is, but i don't know if that will happen, i don't understand guys. they love mixed messages.

    • I just thought we had a great time together, but i haven't heard from him since he has been home. Although we didn't communicate via text or anything much. Plus, i know he is probably busy and such as home but still, its stressing me out!

    • Actually guys HATE mixed messages. At least every guy (myself included) I Know. If you don't want a relationship, but you're happy with how things are now, let him know. Trust me, if he's on the same page as you, you'll know it!

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