First date with amazing girl, need help ! thanks?

I'm going on a first date with a girl next monday.

I want to take her somewhere cool/fun/romantic

Anyone got an idea?


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  • How about an amusement park? Get her a teddy bear from a machine and have fun with the rollercoaster and staff. It's really romantic!!

    • It's a good idea but I think it's too expensive for a first date :) thanks for the help tho !!

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    • Thanks a lot for your help !!! I really appreciate it !

    • you're welcome :) Enjoy you're date ;)

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  • I like the pancake house idea. I think anywhere you both can do something together is nice. Depends on your style though. If you want to enjoy food and talk to get to know each other, take her to a nice food place (like your pancake house idea). If you want to actually do something with her, take her to place where you can. Bowling alley, laser tag, golfing, whatever that's semi-chill. Taking her somewhere where there is a gorgeous view is a brilliant idea as well. Stunning environments can really set the tone of wherever you want your first date to go. Make sure to have fun with whatever you do, though :) The first date shouldn't be super serious.

    • thanks for the great advice :) I think I'm taking her to the pancake house since it's a first date, I wouldn't mind to talk alot, the active date is more like a second I think :)

  • Take her somewhere fun, not dinner and a movie. Because in a movie, you guys can't get to know each other well enough. Take her to a fun place to eat, and just make the date really fun for her, make her comfortable, I really like the amusement park idea too. Buy her ice cream and stuff. Just make it really fun so there's no awkward silences!

    • thanks for your help :) I think I'm going for the pancake house tho ;)

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