My best friend wrote this out for me to ask here? She doesn't believe me and wants some outside opinions?

She's really nervous and suffers from anxiety, and I've told her it'll be fine and she just needs to remember that she's awesome, and just go with the flow, but she's freaking out and thinks that I'm only saying this stuff cause I'm her friend.

Here's what she wrote:

"He's picking me up for the first time, I still live at home, and he's probably gonna meet my parents. Too soon? And how do I end the date?
Fourth date with this guy today. He's picking me up for the first time, which means that he's probably gonna meet my mom, if not my dad as well. Is it too soon for that? Should I worry? Technically I already met his mom, but we just ran into her at a show, and she clearly had no idea who I was. He lives on his own though, so I guess that's not surprising.

And when he drives me home, should I get out of the car right away? Like should I expect him to walk me to the door? Or should I just say goodbye in the car?
We haven't kissed yet (just hugged a couple of times) and I don't know how to handle that either...
I'm being dumb, I know, but I'm 22 and have never dated anyone, or kissed anyone, and I'm super nervous right now."


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  • It's fine! They are just going to meet each other, it's not like they'll talk about weird stuff like marriage or sex. When he drives her home she should stay in the car less than a minute but not right away like someone is chasing her. Maybe it'll be a romantic moment for them in the car. If she runs, he'll probably think that the date was really bad for her.


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