She's left for school and I may not see her again should I tell her how I feel about this?

its that time of year , this girl I had been friends with / sort of came close to dating this summer as she lives in same small town as me and went to a lot of the same bars and pubs during summer. has left to go to college in a large city a couple hours away to take a nursing program. its not the first time she's left to go off for school , last year she had been in city 1 hour away for a similar program and I never really saw much of her at all during that time she was there.

anyways now that's she's finally made the move to the "big " city I really feel like she's gone for good this time , I realise she came back home once after leaving before but she's moved a lot further this time and still has 2 years left at school and by then she'll be in her mid 20's I don't really see her moving back home to be with parents by then it seems like she's really moved this time.

I don't know if I should tell her how I feel about things and try and keep in touch with her or if its all a lost cause by this point and I need to just accept the reality that she was here for summer but now she is gone and may be gone for good


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  • It's up to you. Could you stand not being in contact with her? Is there a part of you that simply has to know if anything could happen, otherwise you won't sleep at night? (I write this at 3am in the morning, sleepless because I need to find out if the guy I'm in love with likes me or not and I currently have no way of contacting him.)

    If you can't decide, why don't you get her phone no. and address so that you can always contact her later if you decide to?

    • I guess that's how I feel but at same time a more realistic side of me sort of knows if it didn't happen when she was rate here all summer , I can't really see anything happening when she's away at school in another city meeting new people. only hope is she'll come back for Thanksgiving but last year she was so busy with school work she didn't even go out to bar that wkend so not sure its worth my time to even wait till then.

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    • well yeah but I did see her this wkend at final bar night of summer , we did talk well sort of but nothing really happened , she seemed rather annoyed at me over things. I think she does have feelings for me but she's committed to making this move and also annoyed at me over things that happened this summer. I don't really see her as being type of girl to keep in touch much once she gets busy with school

    • Oh I see. Probably don't bother about it then, unless she makes a move.

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  • I feel like you should just tell her. If anything you got nothing to lose. And besides, even if she doesn't have feelings for you, at least you still got an experience out of it. Communication is key and nowadays, people have a hard time with it, especially when it comes to face to face contact.


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