Is it wrong that I am kind of upset?

So I am seeing this guy. We are both career driven. He told me that it would be slow for now. We haven't seen each other a ton. But we also established the fact that we would tell each other if we meet other people, or decide we are too busy. So he's not my boyfriend, but its something'.

Anyways he was supposed to call me on Friday nigh after work and didn't. I had a girl friend over for some wine and texted him not mad, but surprised, like hey, I still really wanna chat with you, because I am hoping to get together this weekend like you said.

He responded the next day by being sorry and telling me he had to go home for something family related which may be true (probably is), and that he'd call me later, and didn't. So today I texted and was like Hey, I know we said we'd be honest and its okay if something came up, just tell me. He promised to call me later when he gets home from the weekend.

I am not clingy and I don't need a lot... really! But it just bothers me, I didn't ask him to tell me he'd call me. I am def not perfect... and I won't get mad... but am I wrong to ask him to just like shoot me a text if he can't do what he says? I really like am and I am excited about it and I don't want to come off as crazy. I also don't want to get walked all over either.


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  • Don't worry, you won't come off as crazy. I think that, especially in the early stages of dating or a relationship, people should be open with what they want rather than being all secretive and potentially leading the other person on.

    I don't see anything wrong with what you did. You just showed him that you're definitely interested, so maybe just leave the ball in his court and see if he'll take any initiative over the next few days. You're definitely perfectly justified in being upset with his antics though. I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months and he still will often pull similar shenanigans. I've gotten much better at dealing with it, but have accepted that old habits die hard and sometimes you've just got to weather through it.


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  • He just doesn't care about you, trust me on this.

    I'm a guy and I totally know this. I've done it multiple times (not proud of it). I give a minimum attention to then get sex whenever I want to...

    He doesn't deserve you girl !


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  • Why don't you wait for him to text first? He may thinks you're desperate.