Not going anywhere? what does this mean?

I started talking to this girl off a dating site yesterday and we exchanged numbers on that same day. The online dating norm is to text for a bit of time then finally meet up right?

well after one day of texting she said "sorry but i dont feel like this is going anywhere" i dont get what that means honestly? yes it means not interested, but what does it mean?


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  • She means (guessing here) she can't see you two actually being together. She didn't feel a spark.

    • so not enough chemistry is what you mean?

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    • what causes no spark exactly?

    • No spark means I didn't enjoy the kiss. Now the boys that gave them to me not only did it spontaneously which I hate. They were also terrible kissers! One of them use tongue like a snake flicks its tongue. The other took my nose into his mouth and literally suck my face.

      A spark to me, is a warm tingly feeling in my spine. Gives me the giggles and I may even hum into the kiss (telltale sign I enjoyed it.)

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  • She is sugar coating it but is really saying... I DONT CARE TO TALK YO YOU ANYMORE AT ALL WHATSO EVER... not just relationship wise bit also friends or any other type of contact!

  • She means that she really doesn't think it will work out. She could have found someone else also. if you only met a day ago don't read to much into it she didn't even give enough time to get to know you


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