Skydiving for a first date good idea?

So I've been talking to this girl online we have agreed to meet next Saturday I ask her what she wanted to do she said surprise me. I ask her to be honest and asked if she was afraid of heights she said no she never been I ask if she was telling the truth she said 100% I try to not lie and would have no reason.

So my plan is this I'm strict with my money and save so I know I will have enough.

Is to do skydiving with her and we land at picnic table and have dinner then a walk in the park.

I have a back up plan also in case it rains.

Is this a good idea ladies? What would your reaction be.

I've learned a lot of great ideas from the bachelor lol


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  • I personally would love it but it might scare her a bit... are you completely sure she likes you and would be willing to do something that extreme for a first date?

    Also I'm curious.. what's your backup plan?


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  • I think you take a step back. I personally wouldn't be very happy if a guy was taking me skydiving on our first date. Try a dinner and a stroll through the park?


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  • That's kind of crazy for a first date. What will you have planned for a 1 year anniversary then?

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