What qualities do you dislike in women?

a question to the Men, what kind of qualities do you hate in women? please answer from wifey material perspective and not a little boys sexual perspective...


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  • Dislikes:
    #1.) Sluttiness (Might seem sexual but its more than that to me, I want a woman who respects her body enough not to give it to a lot of men)
    #2.) Bourgeois Attitude (I am not you boss so don't try to impress me with your resume, I only care how she treats me).
    #3.) Rudeness (If she treats the busboy, waiters, cashiers and strangers rudely then sooner or later I know its coming back to me as well.)
    #4.) Honesty (If you she has something to tell me then tell me straight out don't sugar coat it or play games, I want the whole truth from a woman)
    #5.) Attitude (I don't want to hear about every argument she has with her mom or friends and she shouldn't be the loudest person in the store. I like to hear positive things.)
    #6.) No Filter (No what to say or not say in certain situations).
    #7.) Not empathetic (I want a wife who will appreciative of me and caring towards children).

    • very few men who are like us... great, thats exactly what im looking for... and the sluts are the fastest to call people like us "old fashioned"

    • Yeah, I don't think "slut-shaming" is right but "slut-embracing" isn't too tasteful to me either. She doesn't have to be a virgin but I am not marrying a party girl, we wouldn't click anyways.

      Secondly the things that make a relationship work don't change, "romantic love" is a timeless concept. People who think a woman who sleeps around is the new thing are deceiving themselves, its not appealing to me in a person. It shows a lack of self-control in a woman to me.

    • thumbs up, help me on the mission if bringing people back to decency, write a book if you have to, im on that mission already. when im done i will contact you, help me out with the abroad publishing.

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