Should I drive two+ hours to see a guy that I've just started seeing?

.. Because its his birthday in a few weeks and he told me last night that he would really like to see me and asked if I could come/drive to his birthday event.

We live in two different states, and last week he drove 4+ hours to see me and spent the day with me (I didn't ask him to; he decided to do it on his own). But, before he left, he told me that even though he really liked me, he didn't like the idea of a long-distance relationship... and I agreed with him... so, I just figured that was that when he left and drove back home.

Basically, what I'm asking is: Does it make any sense to drive 2+ hours to see him when he's already said that he wouldn't like a long-distance relationship?

(And we were never intimate, by the way.)


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  • You said it yourself, he doesn't want a long distance relationship. Sounds like a friend on mine who invested one night a weekend to driving to her boyfriend's. After a month of great sex he finally told her he didn't want anything more and thanked her for coming to his place. Save your gas and your dignity.

    • That's exactly what I was thinking. I keep having this funny feeling that if I go, it wouldn't feel right and it'll be a waste of time.

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  • it depends how he meant it, if he was saying that to try and hint that maybe he or you would move closer then he still wants something to happen. but i mean either way, he said that before he even left for a 4+ hour long drive:P i think that says something.

  • go on why not?


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