Words of wisdom please?

I'm Muslim, & I'm in love w/ this guy who's Christian. We respect each other's religion and all, but that's not exactly what this is about.

I would have to give up my family to marry him bc they would disown me since they wanted me to have an arranged marriage.
They don't know about him yet, (they think we're just friends). & he doesn't know about this situation. He just thinks my parents are extremely strict. I'd have to give up everything I've ever known.

But I'm scared that when I tell him, he's going to freak out and think he's not worth this. He knows how much I love my parents, but I love him more.

I'm also scared that I'm not going to be happy. That I'm not going to like this American life style.

Do I just take a chance? Risk it all?


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  • Marriage is, even in accordance with Islam a bond between a man and a women, not an alliance between parents.

    The Bible even say:

    Genesis 2:24 New International Version:
    "That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh."

    Note the leaves his father and mother part, when you marry you parents have no barring any more he becomes your new family.

    If it's worth it, well only to can decide that. But it is YOUR choice not there's, YOUR life not there's.


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  • Really? Don't you want to work... learn to drive a car... wear whatever you want when you want? I personally wouldn't be able to live in your culture because I'm too much of a feminist:):) and if you don't tell him then you'll wonder what if and trust me you will end up resenting your parents and arranged husband:) your gonna have to stand on your own two feet and take a risk because if he's willing to go through this with you then your going to lead a very very happy life :):)