He didn't mention seeing his ex - would you consider this lying?

I started seeing this guy and things were going great - on the 3rd date he asked about my previous relationships and I in turn asked him if he still keeps in touch with his ex. He said sporadically, mostly they just message each other on birthdays.

Just now I saw pics on Facebook of them hanging out LAST MONTH. I know she lives in a different city so it was either a huge coincidence she happened to be in his, or she went there to stay with him. That doesn't sound like exes who only write each other on birthdays...

Do I have a right to be mad?
I know we're not together yet and maybe was just saying that so he wouldn't scare me away. What would you have done in his shoes? It does worry me a bit though - not that he's still friends with her, but that he feels the need to lie about it. Makes me think there's something still going on...


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  • since you aren't together, you technically don't get the right to be mad.

    i would be mad though, so you're def not in the wrong girl. i guess depending on how close you guys are, you can ask him about it and voice your opinion. if you feel like you can't do that comfortably or he'll get mad at you, maybe that's a sign this won't work out.

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