What would you do in this situation? Should I confront the girl? Or just walk away?

There's this girl I like and we talk everyday. But she's not getting into the conversations, all she replies with is like one word answers and she never used to until recently. And I'm tired of it. If she's only gonna reply with one or two word answers I'm leaving I'm always there for her, all for what? Nothing. We used to be like a couple, the way we talked to each other. We said everything to each other except 'I love you'. And now she acts totally different. And I'm done with it. If she wants to talk to me bad enough she'll talk to me, and if not that's cool too. What would you do? Should I confront her about all this? Should I just leave with no explanation?


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  • i don't know, if a guy ever did that to me i wouldn't give them the time of day and just cut them off completely and (hopefully) make them realize what they're missing. but, thats probably just me since i hate when people treat me like that. ask her, find out why she is being weird. maybe she fell in love and is scared or something. who knows

    • I walked away. I haven't talked to her in a few days. But I have feelings for this girl and I'm wanting to text her. What should I do now?

    • if you have feelings for her, i say you text her and find out why she was acting weird.. you never know what the reason is. good luck!

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  • be straight forward and ask her. but honestly i've been in situations like this, and after trying time and time again, a person can only do so much.

    i just do the same to them, stop msging them and when i do just give vague one word answers. usually after a while they kind of get the hint and things go back to normal.

  • Be straight-forward. Ask her why her behaviour has changed and if she's still interested in you. Move on if she gives you one-word answers to those questions or if she's not interested.


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