Do you lose interest after having sex with women?

I was wondering while dating a woman and you had sex with her what keeps you interested? A friend told me that he would try to date women but after having sex he loses interest in them. It's not because sex was bad either. He says he doesn't want to get married because relationships don't last and he doesn't want kids. I think if he meet the right one his perspective of it will change. What keeps you interested in her and not just the sex?


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  • I am a virgin, but I have heard that men lose interest after having sex, two scenarios in particular come to mind:
    Scenario 1: Guy has sex with woman early on, loses interest because he thinks she was too "easy".
    Scenario 2: Guy has sex with a woman he's been dating but becomes scared of actual commitment when he realizes that she loves him.

    Personally, I hope I don't make either mistake in the 2 scenarios, the guy in scenario 1 is a hypocrite and the guy in scenario 2 is somewhat of a coward.

    Relationships that have sex earlier on, usually have a lower success rate, it usually demonstrates someone is simply lusting and doesn't want an actual serious relationship.


    I think if the guy really liked the woman he had sex with already then he wouldn't need to stay interested. There is a "chase" element but I'd hope by the time the two people have had sex that the little game is over.

    • Thanks... After reading this I know that it's more than just sex. We spend lots of time together and he does everything a man should do to respect his woman. I'm independent and I don't ask for anything but he still treats me well and with respect. He has has told me that I am a great woman and he doesn't want to lose me. We started having sex a little over 30 days after we met. He held off (i didn't give it up too soon) bc he said I was special but one day we just made love. Everything is still the same and I mean that in a positive way. :-)

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