Girls, I've never been to a bar to approach girls, but I want to try. I have some questions :)?

Ok ladies. I'm 25 and I don't drink, so I don't go to the bar often so this is why I'm asking. I'm a very humble guy and I'm not much of a wild crazy party person so this will be a little bit different for me. Also I'm hoping to find a girl to start a relationship with. One night stands aren't for me. That's disgusting.

My questions are:

1. What do I wear?

2. How can I get the girl I like away from her friends so I can talk to her. Or does it not matter and just talk to her anyways with her friend their.

3. What's the best time to go to the bar?

4. Is there anything wrong with going by myself? I doubt she will know I'm by myself anyways. Right?

5. Girls, do you have any tips for me? :)

Thanks for the help:)


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  • you know I think bars aren't the best place to meet someone to have a relationship later, like for example I would love if a guy aproached me at a book store and we ended up taking coffee and discusing book, authors, etc. In a bar I thing people go more with the idea of hooking up intead of something else...

    to answer your questions
    1. wear something you feel really comfortable in that isn't sweatpants.
    2. you can start talking to her with her friends and later on ask her to go catch some air and go outside to talk.
    3. I don't know before everyone is extremely drunk?
    4. there's nothing wrong, we (women) tend to go in gruops but it's alright if you go by yourself.
    5. be confident and be yourself, smile a lot and it alwyas help if you are a gentleman or know how to dance salsa (it works for me ok?)

    good luck

    • sorry for writing soo much I guess I got inspired...

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    • Oh yeah. Thanks for taking the time to write all that:)

    • oh okay (: I thought it was oyur first option that's why I suggested other places.. (: and you're welcome I guess?

  • Don't try to over dress not every girl is into that.

    Start well she's hanging with her friends and a while later ask her to join you alone.

    like a few hours after it opens.

    Nothings wrong with going by yourself. But if you really wanted you could bring a couple of guy friends & you never know she might have her girlfriends. Then your guys and her girls can talk well you get to know each other.

    Be a gentleman. Don't try to over step your bounds.


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